Sheet Music for Lou and Nathan's songs can be found at the 'We Are Worship' web-site. Links for each song can be found below

Fascinate Songs

Fix My Eyes - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Awaken - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Wholly Yours -  Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Fascinate - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

You Are My Peace - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

New Song - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Hallelujah - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Trinity - Sheet Music 

Roar - Sheet Music

Stand In Awe - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Sacrifice - Sheet Music

All Hail King Jesus - Sheet Music / Lyric Video

Step Into The Light Songs

There Is More - Sheet Music

To God Be The Glory - Sheet Music

See The Lamb Of God - Sheet Music

My God Cares - Sheet Music

To Him Who Is Able - Sheet Music

Holy Holy Holy - Sheet Music

Step Into The Light - Sheet Music

Christ In Me - Sheet Music

Amazing God - Sheet Music

Let It Shine - Sheet Music

Promised Land Songs

Promised Land - Sheet Music

Come Let Us Enter - Sheet Music

God Immortal - Sheet Music

Mercy From The Throne - Sheet Music

Breathe - Sheet Music

Restoration Song - Sheet Music

Christ Crucified - Sheet Music

In You - Sheet Music

Spinning - Sheet Music

This Is My Worship - Sheet Music

Treasure Songs

O God Of Love - Sheet Music

Hard Pressed - Sheet Music

Amazing Love - Sheet Music

Build This House - Sheet Music

Treasure - Sheet Music

Before The Throne - Sheet Music

Build This House - Sheet Music

Sing To The Lord - Sheet Music

Coming Home - Sheet Music

I Will Say - Sheet Music

God Of Mercy - Sheet Music

Let It Rain - Sheet Music